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As we all know, infant development is very crucial from birth till 2 years old. We have good news for you, we are have good news for you, we are sharing 7 magic massages and play techniques for you to enjoy your time with your cuddly little ones. We also share the dos and dont's, that is beneficial for their emotional development

Kidana Baby magic massage is different than other normal massages because you’ll be massaging at the correct point, rhythm & sequence. It will stimulate certain part of the brain for specific goal.


Such as foot lengthening massage

(one of the massage technique that you’ll learn) will stimulate the brain (cerebrum) for speech, anticipation, comprehension and many more. 

The brain is responsible for nearly all functions of our body and for interpreting sensory information from the world around us. By giving early stimulation to babies, optimum brain development takes place and help babies to integrate and interpret surrounding information earlier, in shaa Allah

Recommended for:
⭐New parents
⭐Parents with children from infant to 2/3 years old.
⭐Child who has late development progress.

Let's enjoy the journey of preparing our lovable little angels with a good basic foundation on learning development.


Katamino is an engaging puzzle that makes an awesome indoor family activity. Assembling puzzles together can boost cognitive development on top of promoting problem solving and hand-eye coordination.This puzzle game makes critical thinking fun for all ages. This game intrigues as much as it delights!

Benefits of Katamino Puzzle:
⭐Can increase children's focus and visual ability.
⭐Can improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness of the children.
⭐Can trained the children's brain to be innovative, do better planning, have flexible thinking and outstanding perseverance.

Hence making it perfect activity to keep children occupied, entertained while having their minds stimulated. Let the children explore the Katamino Puzzle and have their imagination and creativity become more extraordinary! 

What is inside the box:
⭐Game Board 
⭐Divider Piece
⭐12 Pieces Wooden Polygon
⭐Instruction Booklet


Are you looking for an instructor for Hafazan class? If so, let's join this class! Kidana will hold the Hafazan CMCO Coaching Class which will be led by Ustazah Azma through online platform, ZOOM. This class is for level two which is Surah Hafazan for primary school. What are you waiting for, let's join this class to get more knowledge for kids in the future! 


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