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Kidana Kindy


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What we offer:


    - 4-6 years old children​

    - Literacy and numeracy coaching

      individual or small group based on            ability kids

After School Programme​

    - 4-6 years old 

Kidana Method

    -Kidana kinestatic for kids foundation        development

    -Kidana PBL is for instilling values

Transit for primary school level

Extra curricular activities








Learning Concepts

• Integrated Project and Kinesthetic approaches to enhance brain development.

• Children Centered Learning and teachers as facilitators advisors.

• Enriched with holistic development and awareness of the existence of the Creator.

Integrated Learning

• Literacy




   -Colors & Shapes

Life Skills






    -Healthy Choice


    -Basic Calculation

    -Telling Time

    -Money Matters


    -Hand-on experiment

Motor Skills

    -Fine and Gross



What we offer:

• Playgroup for 2 and 3 years old

• Daycare services

   - Child-friendly environment with lots        of hugs, care, and love
•Kidana Method

   - Project and play based learning

   - Gross Motor Skills

   - Fine Motor Skills

   - Sensory Play

Learning Concepts

• Aesthetics & Creative Expression

   -Expressing ideas & feelings through        projects, arts and music movement.

• Discovery of the world

   -Giving exposure through

    exploration & simple investigation

• Motor Skill Development

   -Demonstrating control & coordination

    in gross & fine motor skill


• Social & Emotional Development 

   -Developing awareness of personal identity and managing their own emotions & behaviour

Integrated Learning

•Literacy Time

   -Huruf Hijaiyyah

   -Early Hafazan

   -Early ABC

   -Awal ABC

   -Awal Nombor

•Focus Time


   -Deeni Time

   -Nursery Science

•Creativity Time

  -Motor Skills

  -Arts & Crafts


Kidana Tots

News & Updates

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