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Supporting children’s learning development

Have you taken time to observe your child’s learning styles yet? It is important to observe which dominant learning styles in our children and far more important to support and strengthen their learning development. So today, let’s have a look on how we could help our children to improve on this area.

Physical development

Boost up their physical development by encouraging them to exercise. Exercise plays a huge part of physical and mental wellness for kids, especially in their growing years. Are you ready? Well, let’s try out these exercises that are simple yet significantly helpful to enhance their overall cognitive function.

Angel in the snow

This simple exercise will help your child to control their body coordination. We need to ensure this movement is achieved easily, smoothly, co-ordinately and rhythmically by good cooperation between children’s upper and lower body parts.

To execute this simple exercise, the children need to lie on their back with arms and legs outstretched, then they have to move their both arms up and down, together with both legs from side to side, at the same time. Take time, don’t rush and perhaps you can play some relaxing music or dzikr while your children practising their angel in the snow

Star jump ; making a star shape while jumping

They need to jump up, then raise their both arms and stretch legs out to their sides, their body should form an “X” shape whilst in mid-air. Then land softly and safely with their feet

back together. Studies shows that jumping proven to be one of the most beneficial and best option in terms of having a healthy body and a sharp memory.

Both exercises are simple yet interesting and cheerful practise for children’s mental development and body growth, where both mind and physical interaction takes place. It’s a good start to educate them on healthy lifestyle as well. For them, it’s more to fun activity than a serious fitness routine, so why not?

Visual development

Indulge your kids with puzzle activities to enhance their focus and visual abilities. Playing with puzzle teaches children problem solving and helps them with fine motor skills, hand–eye coordination and spatial awareness. There are varieties of colourful and eye-catching puzzles to choose from ; classic jigsaw puzzles, tetris puzzles and tangram puzzles. Oh yes, it’s perfect to keep them entertained and their minds stimulated with puzzles! Let your child explore the puzzles and let their imagination go wild & go beyond!

Auditory development

Listening is the crucial and major skills that will help children with comprehension and memorizing ability. But children are always playful and seems difficult to listen most of the time,right? Any idea on how to capture their attention and make them listen in seconds? How about trying these two simple games for them to brush up their listening skills!

Sing along games : Choose one of their favourite nursery rhymes or lullaby songs. Then sing together and make sure they can hear the lyrics clearly. Guide them to repeat the lyrics and allow them to sing each sentence of the lyrics. As they catch up, let them enjoy the melody and sing the song repeatedly. Singing out loud is the best! They will hear out their own voice, this is when auditory development takes place. So yes, sing out loud please! Oops, not too loud, no shouting ok?

“Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are?

Up above the world do high

Like a diamond in the sky”

Task giving games : Giving out simple task in a sentence and let them complete the task.

It could be any task around the house. Here is the example :

“Honey, could you hang the towel please?” This is suitable for 3 -4 years old children.

For older children, we may add on more items in this sentence.

“Honey, could you bring me the towel, shirt and pants from your bedroom, please?”

Playing this games will not only helps children to strengthen their memories but is also

a good method to discipline a child.

Who would have thought these simple method will do wonders right? So don't wait to add these method in your child's daily routine. Let's hand in hand helping them together.🥰


Teacher Yaya

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