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Dear mommies and daddies,

Have your children complained about how reluctant they are to participate their online class or how they despise reading books? If so, then you might want to have a look at these 3 main reasons that most probably will give you the answer.

#1 Loopholes in their learning milestone

Learning milestone or learning pyramid is fundamental in children to prepare them physically. Physical readiness is important and highly needed to facilitate them in academic skills. Academic skills is basically consist of writing, reading books and listening to teacher’s explanation. Thus, if the young ones seems to have difficulty to engage in online class held by teachers and not interested to read books, we might want to observe and check their learning milestone again. There is possibility some of the learning milestone has been overlooked or missing out.

#2 Sudden changes

Online class is the new norm. It is quite challenging for them to handle the sudden transition. They need ample time to adapt and as the young ones trying to adapt to the new learning process, we as parents should lower down our expectation. Support, encourage and assist them. Continuous encouragement will eventually motivate and makes them feel excited, interested and willingly engaged in online class.

#3 Inefficient learning style

Knowing the children’s learning profile is very important yet crucial. Auditory, visual and kinaesthetic ; these are the core learning tendency that we need to observe and monitor closely. It will be very helpful and come in handy for them to understand better if the lesson is delivered based on their learning profile.

And yes, it is good if you wonder what could be the reasons that makes my child does not want to join online class or read books? Because initially it is super important to monitor your children’s behaviour and act accordingly if they obviously uninterested in learning.

So mommies and daddies, though it is essential that you set study goals for your young children, always remember that these targets should be within your children’s abilities. We do not want them to give up and continue losing interest in studies right?


Teacher Yaya

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