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Tips on how to prepare your child back to school

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

All praise to Allah, after a long pause for our children's school due to worldwide pandemic covid 19, the school is finally re-open! But somehow, i must say that it will be quite challenging for us parents to prepare our little children to go back to their school. So, here are some helpful tips to set them back on track!😉

Establish healthy sleeping routines😴

Sleep early and set your target bedtime. Do you know that the best bedtime for our little sweetheart is around 8-9 pm as they need 10 – 11 hours of quality sleep?

Check out this chart below, to know how long does your child needs to sleep according to their age:

Spend 10-15 minutes pillow talk and visualize with them about what’s going on tomorrow morning. Example: "Let’s wake up when we hear the alarm clock rings, take a quick shower, have breakfast together and off we go to school! Mommy is going to work while you play and having fun with your friends at school tomorrow"

Gadgets free!📱

Avoid gadgets at least 12 hours before going to school, so NO GADGETS before bedtime and also in the morning before they go to school. Too much screen time will lead to frustration and a tantrum.

Healthy breakfast 🍎

Prepare sugar-free breakfast for them. Recommended foods for breakfast are eggs, bread and honey, fruits, and milk. Avoid high sugar food such as chocolate spread or sweet drinks.

Be honest, no lies🙅‍♀️

Always tell them the truth. Often, when we’re about to leave them at school, we tricked them by telling them that we will wait for them in the car, we want to go to the washroom or we will wait downstairs. This act not only giving them false hope but also teaching them that it is okay to tell lies. So, be transparent and tell them that you will head to work and they will stay at school with teachers and friends.

Show love and affection💖

Give them a warm big hug and kisses before leaving them at school. Let them feel loved, trusted instead of feeling left behind.

Entrust and be confident 🥰

Don’t worry and be confident with our children, their school teachers, and the school management as well. Trust that our children are in good hands. Our little ones can sense our excessive worries and this will definitely make them feel nervous.

Let them be brave 🙋‍♀️

Allow them to be brave and independent. Escorting our little ones to their classroom is unnecessary. Say goodbye and encourage them to go inside with their teacher. Acknowledge their bravery by praising them; “ You are such a brave boy/girl! I’m so proud of you!” This will help the young ones develop their self-confidence.

Motivation vs promises 🌈

Always motivate them to enjoy school time rather than making promises each day they go to school. Motivation will drive genuine commitment behavior within our children. Promises on the other hand will mold them into a reward-gaining person. So, don’t make promises just to make them stay at school. Instead, if we still want to reward them, we can offer them simple treats when we fetch them back from school.

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