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What is your child's, Dominant Brain?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Why do parents need to know about their child's

Dominant Brain?

In the educational world, we love to sort and categorize. It is not a bad thing. Frequently it helps us begin to understand in more depth. The danger in categorizing, when it comes to people, is that we are complex. None of us is exactly like any other person. We cannot classify children as either wholly left or right-brained learners. There are so many overlaps in tendencies, and much about brain development depends on the child’s personal experiences. In her book, The Dominance Factor, neurophysiologist and educator Carla Hannaford has identified 15 unique profiles (of 32) in which the gestalt hemisphere of the brain is dominant. While no two children learn exactly the same way, it is very helpful to study the various profiles so we can identify what these profiles have in common when it comes to strengths and challenges in learning.

Not all parents are aware that their child is stress due to all the force educations that they had to deal with since the preschool year

Kidana Method

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At Kidana we have methods to help any children to use their Dominant Brain to the fullest, at the same time integrate the other side of the brain as well. When the brain is integrated, they'd not feel the stress. Example: A right-brain learner would still enjoy readings & math with the support of dancing and arts

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Teacher Yaya

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