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"Daddy, who is my family? "

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

If everyone does their share and cares for each other, the family home is a happy place where people feel loved and cared for

Does your child know what is your name? Do they call you "Sayang" "Honey" or "Darling" just like how your partner calls you? Some children may not even know the concept of family. Why? This is because, majority of children in the world learn through their daily experience.

Families have evolved a lot over the past few decades. The structure of the traditional family which includes a mother, father and siblings is still the main focus of a family, but now we have non-traditional families as well

Kidana PBL 2 provides Little Kidanians with a basic knowledge of how families work and how they are different. When the children get the opportunity to participate in class & home discussions about families they will gain knowledge on how each type works and is unique.

We were thrilled to see how amazed they were on the concept of Family Tree. All of their questions & realization made them understand more about their own family!

Some even said;

"Oh.. Now I know that atok is mommy's father. Atok is my grandparent!"
"Kakak is my sibling?"
"Mommy & Daddy has parents too?

How families work?

Everyone in the family needs to play her or his part if the family is to work well and meet everyone's needs.

In the very 'olden days' fathers went off hunting or fighting, and it was up to the mother and children to manage by themselves until the father came home. Nowadays some father go off to work somewhere else for some weeks, then come back home for a few weeks until it is time to go back to work.

Now sometimes an adult, or even a child, needs to play more than one role in the life of the family - maybe go out to work or school and care for the children as well. 

Nowadays there are many homes where both parents work outside the home.

After weeks of having this discussion and project we realized that most of the children now appreciate and understand more on why Mommy & Daddy needs to work. And we are so PROUD of our Little Kidanians!

Checkout Kidana PBL 2 in this video!


My Family

My Friends

Educating the children about our family can be really fun and intimidating. Giving them more exposure to the family history can make all of us appreciate and value each other more. Let's teach them early about value of family ❤


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