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Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Do you always feel heavy hearted every time you leave your child at preschool, playschool or daycare? It can be an emotional period of transition for the whole family. You may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help your child to be more prepared for that experience!

Kidana would like to offer to all parents some peace of mind!

1. We create a safe, gentle and open environment where a child can learn how to learn.

2. We invite a child to find his/her own inner resources to accomplish tasks and hence, opening his/her heart to new learning, new people, new places and new things.

3. We maintain a caring, non-judgmental observation of a child’s learning process. We believe we are offering parents the foremost component in assisting a child that is for parents & child to accept child’s unique way of learning, God Willing.

4. An effective learning environment is designed to provide engaging, stimulating and challenging learning experience in order to promote children’s holistic development.

i) The physical environment is set up to provide opportunities for children to engage in purposeful play & learn, allowing children to explore & develop creativity & imagination

ii) Interactional environment is to allow children interact with objects, peers and adult by engaging them in shared & sustained conversations.

iii) Temporal Environment – refers to the time & space for activities such as routines & transitions between activities

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